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What can I do with Rapid Invoice?

With "Rapid Invoice" you can attend all your company's basic tasks, such as:
  • Manage your warehouse.
  • Manage your articles.
  • Manage your address and contacts (customers and suppliers).
  • Create documents like offers, orders, invoices, P.O., S.O., etc.
  • Control all executed transactions (Cockpit overview and reports).

Which is the annual subscription price of Rapid Invoice?

Our marketing slogan: Easy to use, affordable and accessible anywhere!
For this reason, we decided to offer our services as cheaply as possible. Rapid Invoice will cost approximately $ 150 (USD) yearly (All inclusive: Usable for up to five users simultaneously, daily backups, upgrades and continuous improvement).

Are my company data accessible from other accounts?

No, Rapid Invoice is absolutely safe from unallowed access. The data access from other accounts is controlled by a security system at three levels.

Do I need to install any program in order to use Rapid Invoice?

All you need is a web browser. Commonly coming the operating systems with a pre-installed web browser such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Even all the iPhones, iPads and Androids and Windows Mobile 7 devices are compatible with our online solution.
Rapid Invoice was successfully tested with the following web browsers:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer from v8
  • Google Chrome from v14
  • Firefox v6
  • Operates from v11
  • Apple Safari from v5
  • RockMelt from v0.9

Is the content of the generated documents in my selected language?

Yes, Rapid Invoice was scheduled in six languages, this applies not only to the graphical user interface, this applies also to all documents (invoices, offers, purchase orders, etc.)

Will Rapid Invoice in the future implement new features and enhancements?

Yes, we are constantly developing our web application (Rapid Invoice). All members will be regularly informed about new features and improvements.
In a near future, there will also be available a mobile version for devices like iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows mobile.

Is my Rapid Invoice account available every time i try to access?

Yes, we have two high-speed internet lines, and they are monitored 24 hours a day.  We also have a virtual servers-clusters farm; this means, that when a server goes down, the clients can continue their work without any mishaps since the tasks are taken by the next available server.
The server updates and maintenance are for every second Sunday at 04:00 GMT planed with a maximum downtime of one hour.